Completing Online Assessments

Your guide to completing Online Assessments built directly into your HUB.

There are two kinds of Online Assessments in your HUB—Your Business Baseline and Progress Checkpoints. Your Coach shares these Online Assessments with you just as they’d share any worksheet or guide, so you access them in the same way. The Assessment forms are built directly into your HUB, which makes filling them out, saving them, and sharing them with your Coach incredibly easy.

Opening Online Assessments

To open an Online Assessment, navigate to the Online Assessment Process your Coach has shared with you in the “Current” section of your My Plan page and click on the desired Assessment.

When you click into an Online Assessment, you’ll be taken to a new page displaying the form.

Editing Online Assessments

Each Assessment is made up of a mixture of three types of questions: written response, drop-down menu, or multiple choice.

As you fill out the form, the information is saved automatically. So if you close the form, you won’t lose any information you entered, and it will all reload automatically whenever you reopen the Online Assessment page.

Using the Table of Contents

To the left of every Online Assessment, you’ll see a Table of Contents. You can use the Table of Contents to move between sections in the Assessment, clicking on a section title to navigate there. As you complete each section of the Online Assessment, the grey dots to the left of the section titles will fill in black.

Since your work is automatically saved, you can move freely between sections, whether you’ve completed them or not, and come back to them when you’re ready.

Sharing Online Assessments With Your Coach

When you finish filling out the Online Assessment form, click Send at the bottom of the page. Your Coach will receive an email notification to review your work.