Building a productive relationship with your EMyth Coach starts with making sure they have a high-level overview of your business. One of the first things you’ll do as an EMyth client is fill out a Business Baseline—an Online Assessment in your HUB that asks you to reflect on the expectations you have of your EMyth Coaching work, as well as the current degree to which each of the Seven Essential Systems are developed in your business.

You’ll fill out the entire Baseline online in your HUB. If you have multiple partners in your business, we also have a worksheet version of the Baseline that each partner can download and fill out separately before uploading them all to the HUB.

Your responses to these questions help your Coach understand where you are when you begin Coaching and will create a standard for measuring progress as you move through the EMyth Coaching Program. As described in The EMyth Approach, innovation, quantification, and orchestration are essential tools you’ll use to develop your business. The Business Baseline is a first step toward building a dynamic quantification system for your whole company.

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