As you work through the EMyth Coaching Program, Progress Checkpoints help you quantify your results, review the progress you’ve made, and acknowledge any gaps in the system you’re working on. These Checkpoints also help you and your Coach come to a mutual understanding over how to enhance your work together and ensure that all your strategic work translates into the results you want to create.

Like the Business Baseline, your Progress Checkpoints are Online Assessments you’ll fill out in your HUB at the end of each Module. In the Checkpoint, you’ll review what you’ve learned in the Module you’ve just completed and how you’ve applied it, and identify any additional work you or your employees need to do to fully implement the system you're working on.

To get the most from your Progress Checkpoints and the Modules as a whole, you and your Coach will have Progress Checkpoint Meetings at the end of each Module to discuss where you were at the start of the Module and where you are now.

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