Congratulations! You just made a commitment that will change your business—and your life—forever. So what’s next?

You’ll immediately receive an email that will invite you to log in to your HUB. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll be asked to create a login and password for your EMyth account. If you already have an EMyth account (either because you’re a former EMyth client or because you were an EMyth Foundations/Guided user), you can log in using your original account information. 

After you log in, you’ll be guided through two videos: the Welcome video and the Program Overview

In preparation for your Welcome Call with your Coach, watch both of these videos and familiarize yourself with the materials on the Program Overview page: The EMyth Approach, The EMyth Coaching Roadmap, and Entrepreneurial Thinking

You can revisit this page any time throughout your EMyth journey.

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