Over the last 40 years, one of the things that’s made EMyth unique is that we provide an integrated solution to business frustrations. We deliver more than just a coaching program: We tie together an approach, a process, and a program to help business owners completely transform how they think about business so they can change how they do business, too.

Our Approach is built on a philosophy that helps struggling business owners understand why they’re struggling, and to see where and how their beliefs about those reasons hold them back. More importantly, Our Approach shows them what they can do about it. If that sounds familiar, it should. Our founder, Michael E. Gerber, uncovered a truth that became known as “the ‘E’ Myth”—the entrepreneurial myth. The idea behind this myth is that most people who decide to go into business for themselves don’t know how to build a business. In other words, most people who go into business for themselves aren’t, in fact, real entrepreneurs, but are instead people who want to be self-employed. This creates obvious problems—ones you likely know all too well. At best, this fallacy leaves business owners spinning their wheels, feeling constantly frustrated in their business and unclear about how to make a change; at worst, it’s the cause of too many small business failures and unrealized dreams.

The EMyth Approach comprises seven key principles that help formulate an entrepreneurial mindset and a new relationship to building a business—one that helps you build the business you’ve been dreaming of but never knew how to realize.

But once you shift your mindset and become more of an entrepreneur in how you relate to your business, how do you actually go about building that business? That question, combined with our realization that so few business owners actually have the necessary background or experience they need to build their business, led us to a solution: Create a step-by-step process that anyone can learn from and use to develop a profitable, sustainable business. This process is a development model we call The Seven Essential Systems.

The Seven Essential Systems is the organizing framework for our Coaching Program. Step by step, your Coach will guide you through the methods and tools you need to build these seven core operating systems in your business.

Our Program is split into three distinct stages. The first stage, Getting Your House in Order, is where you establish a solid foundation of systems in your business. With that in place, you enter the second Stage, Growing Your Business, in which you reassess your systems based on your goals for your business and its expansion. In the last stage, Freedom to Choose, you have a mature and high-functioning business that isn’t dependent on you, which means you now have the ability to choose how involved you want to be in day-to-day operations. This is where the entrepreneurial dream is fully realized, and where the approach, the process, and the program have been guiding you all along.

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