The EMyth Coaching Program is a comprehensive system for building a business that works. At its core, the Program is composed of two key features: your relationship with your Coach (who’s an expert in helping you implement the EMyth Approach within your business) and the EMyth Coaching Program Curriculum itself—a set of tools your Coach guides you through to create the foundation your business needs to thrive. We have a lot of tools, and we want you to understand how they all work together.

Your Program Materials

There are 15 Modules within the Program—split across three Stages—each of which focuses on developing one of the Seven Essential Systems (formerly known as the “Seven Dynamics”) in your business to a different level of depth and clarity. Each Module is then broken down into a series of Processes to help you develop the larger system piece by piece.

A Process is a development tool for your business. Each Process helps you understand a given system you need to build—Managing Your Time, for example, which is a part of your larger Management system—and gives you the tools and templates you need to implement it. Your Coach will share the materials in each Process as you’re ready, using each one to build on the last.

Processes typically contain a guide and one or more worksheets. As the core educational tool in your EMyth Coaching Program curriculum, guides help you understand the systems you’re working to implement and give you the knowledge you need to do so. Each one is a manifestation of the EMyth Approach, applied to creating an efficient, replicable system in your business.

Where guides give you what you need to understand a given system, worksheets help you start the process of designing and implementing that system. After reading a guide, you’ll work on your business through the accompanying worksheet(s) and review your work with your Coach. Worksheets also help you analyze your business so you can customize your systems. Each Process has at least one, and they’re usually Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.

Included in many Processes are supplemental reading materials. Unlike your guides, they aren’t required to complete the systems development you’re working on, but they do give additional insights to your work. Your Coach may offer these as optional additions to your work together.

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