We designed our Program Roadmap to make your EMyth journey easy to follow. We built the Roadmap around a structure of three Stages made up of 15 Modules, each with a series of Processes, which include guides and worksheets, all laid out in a definitive order—so you always know how your current work relates to what you’ve done as well as what’s ahead. Our Program Roadmap lives in the Program Overview Process in your HUB, and you can access it whenever you want.

We’ve also created Online Assessments to help you track your progress as you work through the Program. At the end of each Module, you’ll complete a Progress Checkpoint that will ask you to reflect on how well you’ve implemented the target systems into your business, and help you see where you still have room to grow.

If you still have questions about where you are and the work you have ahead, you can always talk to you Coach.

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