As described in The EMyth Approach, innovation, quantification, and orchestration are essential tools for developing your business. One of the first things every new EMyth client will do is complete a Business Baseline, which gives your Coach a high-level overview of your business and serves as a touchstone for measuring your progress throughout your EMyth journey. If you were an EMyth client prior to January 29, 2019, your Coach will determine whether it makes sense to do the Business Baseline when you transition into the new and improved EMyth Coaching Program.

As you work through the EMyth Coaching Program, you’ll complete Progress Checkpoints at the end of each Module that will quantify your results, helping you review your progress and illuminate any gaps in the system you’re working on. These checkpoints also help you and your Coach come to a mutual understanding of how to enhance your work together and ensure that all your strategic work translates into the results you want to create.

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