We’ve got some specific names and terminology in the EMyth Coaching Program. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Guide. As the core educational tool in your EMyth Coaching Program curriculum, guides help you understand the systems you’re working to implement and give you the knowledge you need to do so.

  • Module. Each Stage of the Program is divided into a series of Modules, each of which focuses on developing one of The Seven Essential Systems (formerly known as the “Seven Dynamics”) in your business. Each Module is then broken down into a series of Processes to help you develop the larger system piece by piece.

  • Online Assessments. Online Assessments are our tool for measuring and tracking your progress throughout the EMyth Coaching Program. They live within the HUB, so you can easily fill them out in the same place you access all your Program materials and store all your work.

  • Process. A Process is a development tool for your business. Typically, it contains a guide and a set of worksheets. Each Process helps you understand a given system you need to build and gives you the tools and templates you need to implement it. Your Coach will share the materials in each Process with you as you’re ready, using each one to build on the last.

  • Stage. We’ve reorganized the EMyth Coaching Program into three Stages that help you understand where you are in the process of developing your business—Stage One: Getting Your House in Order, Stage Two: Growing Your Business, and Stage Three: Freedom to Choose.

  • Supplemental Reading. Included in many Processes are supplemental reading materials. Unlike your guides, they aren’t required to complete the systems development you’re working on, but they do give additional insights to your work. Your Coach may offer these as optional additions to your work together.

  • Worksheet. Where guides give you what you need to understand a given system, worksheets help you start the process of designing and implementing the system. After reading a guide, you’ll work on your business through the accompanying worksheet(s) and review your work with your Coach. Worksheets also help you analyze your business so you can customize your systems. Each Process has one, and they are usually Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.

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