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The Seven Essential Systems

An introduction to The Seven Essential Systems: EMyth’s development model for building a business that works.

The Seven Essential Systems (formerly called “The Seven Dynamics” or “The Seven Centers of Management Attention”) is our development model for building a business of interconnected systems that work together to make your company function as an integrated whole.

We designed it in a circular model—in which every system flows into the next—to show the interconnectedness of these systems in your business. When looked at together, The Seven Essential Systems represent a powerful framework for how all of your business’ primary systems work together to help you create your proprietary way of delivering your product or service.


If you look at your business, you’ll notice there are a set of business disciplines or strategic functions—Leadership, Marketing (formerly called “Brand”), Finance, and Management—that focus primarily on the internal operations, performance, and development of the business itself. There are also a set of business activities or tactics—Customer Fulfillment, Lead Conversion, and Lead Generation (formerly referred to as “Delivery,” “Sales,” and “Marketing”)—that focus on the external operations that directly interact with and serve your customers. The four disciplines provide the strategy and structural foundation that allow the three activities to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.

When built and maintained well, these Seven Essential Systems create a high-performing business that is dependent on systems instead of people—one that’s profitable, scalable, and highly efficient.